The Nurture Services Personal Support Workers completes the care provided within the Home Health program. Our Certified Nursing Assistants provide assistance with a client’s Activities of Daily Living (ADLs).

How we do it?

These activities may include toileting, shaving, meal preparation, light housekeeping, and bathing. This type of hands-on "personal care" truly compliments the complete therapeutic realm provided by Nurture Services.

Each year the Nurture Services Certified Personal Support Workers / Developmental Support Workers (Nursing Assistants) provide thousands of hours of quality health care services including:

  • Providing skin care
  • Assisting with personal hygiene (mouth care, hair and scalp grooming, fingernails and Cutting and trimming hair
  • Providing basic first aid
  • Shaving, Bathing, Assistance with mobility and toileting
  • Assistance with applying ace bandages, TEDs, and binders
  • Assisting clients with dressing
  • Assisting feeding clients with special conditions
  • Assistance with physical activity and/or prescribed activity
  • Making beds (while occupied or unoccupied)
  • Assistance with range of motion exercises
  • Applying and removing prosthetic devices for stable client
  • Bowel and bladder retraining

Skilled Nursing by RNs and RPNs

  • Monitor BP, pulse and respiratory status
  • Diabetic Teaching/ management
  • Check glucose levels and give insulin
  • Wound dressing/ management
  • Colostomy / tonsillectomy care
  • Draw blood specimen for laboratory
  • Foley Catheter care/change / Foley catheter insertion
  • Feeding tube care
  • Chest percussion
  • Evaluate nutrition and hydration
  • Evaluate bowel and bladder response
  • Intravenous medication administration
  • Monitor medication response and adverse effects

Skilled Nursing

The Nurture Services Skilled Nursing program provides a wide variety of services and treatments ranging from medication administration, diabetic training, and wound care to IV therapy. In addition, Nurture Services realizes that the best way to improve health is through education. Our nursing staff focuses on training the client or caregiver to improve compliance.

Speech Therapy

Nurture Speech Therapy is a comprehensive program specializing in evaluation and treatment of speech disorders, swallowing disorders, as well as training with communicative devices. Nurture Speech Therapists also assist and train clients with verbalizing expression and understanding language in order to maximize communication skills after stroke, surgery or trauma.

Physical Therapy

Nurture Services Physical Therapy is a comprehensive program specializing in the evaluation and treatment of orthopedic problems, neurological conditions, joint or muscle dysfunction, posture problems, amputations, head injury, spinal cord injury, stroke, sports injuries, industrial injuries, gait training, restorative therapy, range of motion, therapeutic exercises, and other medically diagnosed pain or dysfunction.

Medical Social Work

The Nurture Services Social Work program focuses on early interventions that may assist in preventing unnecessary hospitalizations or re-hospitalizations relating to social problems. The Nurture Services social worker seeks to improve family cooperation and enhance the client’s or a caregiver’s involvement in the plan of care. Finally, through frequent contact and assessment, the Nurture Services social work program hopes to eliminate the frequency or existence of emergency situations.

Some of the services provided include:

Each is trained, dependable and understanding of our clients requirements. Trustworthy, kind...We really care!

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